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Classic cars: vehicles with their own history
To understand what makes classic cars so fascinating, imagine the following situation:

You’re sitting at a bar talking to two complete strangers. The person on your right tells you that he studied after school and then went straight to work for a large company. In addition, she is now happily married.

When you ask the person on your left about their story, they explain that after leaving school, they first went abroad for a year to find themselves. After returning home, your bar neighbor decided to study philosophy. After completing his doctorate, he couldn’t find a job, so he published “one or two books.” Without much success. So, without further ado, he changed his professional field and became a teacher. But even that didn’t satisfy the person on your left, which is why she decided to go on a trip around the world.

This is exactly where you get to know each other and sit together at the bar to enjoy a long drink against the backdrop of rushing waves. Which of these stories sounds more interesting to you or which of the two people would you probably listen to more intently? Unless you’re looking to make new business partnerships, you’d probably choose the philosopher/author/teacher.

And it’s the same with a classic car:

a vehicle must be able to tell a story – at least according to the passionate collector. And the more detailed this story is present, the better. In this way, many classic car owners can document every single kilometer covered by their classic car.The passionate collector knows exactly who drove his car, where it was on the road and what special things happened on the trips. For most classic car fans, this is worth much more than the new smell of leather, a sophisticated navigation system, etc.

„Ich kaufe keine Pelzmäntel oder Schmuck. Ich habe alte Autos.“


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